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Our mission is building affordable cottages with little footage, which are a great alternative to an apartment

NowaBud is a building company specializing in the construction of cottages. We are on the way to the realization of the strategy to achieve a leading position in the field of cottage construction in Poland. Our mission is building affordable cottages with little footage, which are a great alternative to an apartment.

We started our activity in Poland in 2015 and we implement projects in the suburban areas of major cities, specifically near Warsaw. Our strong financial position and years of experience in projects outside the Polish borders is safe and secure for our customers on the way to the house of your dreams.

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Have you been dreaming of a warm, cozy, bright and spacious house? Read more

And would you like to wake up and leaving on the veranda of your own cottage with a cup of tea every morning to breathe the fresh air, full of charming smell of fir forest? Comfortable lounge chairs on your own area, children's playground, a small barbecue, flower beds. All this seems a pipe dream to you?


Turn your dream of your own country house into a reality together with the construction group !


Our cottage villages near Warsaw are surrounded by beautiful nature. All these true natural wealth will belong to you, if you become one of the residents of our cottage villages.


Location. Each cottage is located only 200-400m from the bus stop. And even without your own car, you or your guests can easily get to our houses.


Electricity, water, sewer. Our cottages near Warsaw are arranged well. All amenities are in each house.


Fenced territory, security checkpoint.


Shops, hospitals, schools. Each of our cottage village built on the Canadian technology is located nearby kindergarten, hospital, school, shops.


Cottage village «Lesnaya Symfoniya». Thecottage village is located in Slomine, Masovian Voivodeship, Rashyn commune. The house price is from 360000 to 479 000 PLN.


Cottage village "Sosnowy Park". Cottage Village is located in Osovets, Masovian VoivodeshipHouses with a living ares of up to 136 mand 140 m2.


Cottage village"Słoneczna Aleja". Cottage Village is located in Penczice, Masovian Voivodeship. Twin-houses with a living ares of up to 140 m2.


Your dream of your own house should be real!

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