Canadian technology

Canadian technology of construction is an increasingly popular generation already existing in the United States, Canada or Germany, but also in our country.

Canadian building is an increasingly popular technology used not only in the United States, Canada and Germany, but also in our country.

A Cottage house is built on wooden carcass with use of sandwich-panels coated by wooden fiber finish. Insulation is basal wool. The inner side of insulation is covered by gypsum cardboard, with OSB boards on the front side, which surface is decorated by facade plaster.

Canadian houses can be easily designed and performed in energy-efficient standard. At the moment it is one of the fastest building technology . Building a house skeleton takes just a quarter. At that time, Canadian houses are warm, healthy, inexpensive and economical in operation.

All houses are eco-friendly and meet the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency. Only verified environmentally friendly materials produced by the certified professional companies are used for the construction.

Features of a house

Energy efficiency

A wall of a house  is filled with mineral wool. As a result the thermal insulation of such a house is min. 20 cm. There is a possibility of thermal insulation of the house and use up to 30 cm of insulation in the exterior walls. For comparison brick house is insulated with polystyrene with a thickness of 10-12 cm.

The heat transfer coefficient for the standard wall with a layer of wool 20 cm is U=0,19 W/m²*K. Norma considers such homes warm, where the rate does not exceed U=0,3 W/m²*K.

Easily adjust the room temperature

The frame building is heated only the air, they have no thermal inertia. Do not heat up the walls, which then return the heat. In practice, this means that cooled down house to 10 degrees C heats in 2 hours to 21 degrees C. For comparison brick house reaches the temperature after 48 hours, he must first become hot the cooled down wall, and then the interior of the building.

The rate of finishing of a house

Finishing is not a problem even in the absence of the target heating system (radiators mounted on the end), because during the finishing works it is enough to heat with the usual electric heaters or oil heater(house becomes warm very quickly).

The buildings are healthy

Even the smell of wood during the construction makes a man remember the old healthy wooden building. Later we cover wood with gypsum. But it does not bother to building a unique microclimate, felt by residents.

Almost all of the materials used in these houses are natural wood, gypsum, mineral wool (made from recycled basalt) or special structural wood chipboard. There are 95% of the volume of the building material.

Wood has the ability to self-regulation of humidity so creates its own microclimate.

Durable construction

Well-built canadian houses are very durable. Pizzeria "Joe's Pizza" is located in a canadian house built in 1822 in New York, Manhattan. Right next to this building, there is a building built in 1830.Therefore, if the house is built in accordance with the construction there is no fear that it will survive.

Low cost of ownership

Accommodation in the house of 100 m2 built on the Canadian technology is such as the maintenance of one-bedroom apartment in the capital.

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